Friday, January 23, 2015


I am excited that the weekend is upon us! 
I am especially glad that we will be having gorgeous weather here.
(although I know we need the rain... but that can come during the week
when I am working right)?

 I might even wash my car.
More importantly,
I have a some sewing I am planning to do.
But it's a secret project... my lips are sealed and the door to 
my sewing room is closed, drapes are drawn... just in case you are
thinking about coming by to peek! ha

I have been trying to weed out my pattern stash and narrow down
the number from gazillion to a comfortable 100 or so.
The problem with that is... I see old patterns and I still want to make them.
Make them now!
Then there is the stack that are for someday...
when I get more skilled at quilting... 
like a pineapple quilt.
Do you have one of those "ultimate quilts" on your list?

(still working on this same pattern)

As I peruse through my assortment I find myself singing (in my head) 
the song from Frozen...
Let it go... let it go!

I do feel good about releasing and up-cycling the patterns.
I have even been able to let go of  some of my Fig Tree & Co. 
patterns... and I have (had) nearly all of them.

(still top on my keep list, pattern by A Vintage Spool)

Right now... I have
 (using Thelma's binder method of organization)
5 binders of projects. 1 for applique, 1 for embroidery, 1 for purses and
pincushions or other "makery" kind of things...
and 2 for patterns. 
Those are pretty easy to divide into sections since I have probably
about 4 main designers that seem to keep me busy and another couple
that I am quite fond of. 

When I am done with all that 
(something I can do while watching evening TV)
I will move on to sorting and folding fabric.
I discovered that I have a nice collection of vintage suitcases and
train cases... they will be perfect for holding the stash 'o fabrics!

Remember when you would practically sit on a suitcase to get it closed?

In the meantime... I am talking myself into an up-coming quilt along...
and then talking myself out of it.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

For the Love of....

Polka Dots!
It's national Polka Dot Day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Flair For Fabric

A little book review for you... with a bonus.

Have you seen this book at your local quilt shop yet?

It's called a Flair for Fabric by Martingale Publishers.

This book is jammed with adorable projects from a 
variety of designers. The talented women from Henry Glass Fabrics
got together and put together a wonderful book filled with 
quilts that you will be drooling over!

(photographs are from Brent Kane)

It was compiled by Linda Lum DeBono and
here is a list of some of the fabric designers that 
have quilt projects in this book:

Leanne Anderson
 Dana Brooks
 Linda Lum DeBono
 Kim Diehl
 Anni Downs
 Jill Finley
 Margot Languedoc
 Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday of Buggy Barn
  Heather Mulder Peterson and Jacquelynne Steves

and that's not all!
There are several more I could mention.

On top of all is that the designers are donating all of their 
royalties from the sale of this book to the Red Cross.
How nice is that!

So do you want to see a few more must-do projects from the book?

How about this one?

Or this sweet little pillow?

Or this one?

Hands down... this one
(click link for more eye candy at Jill Lily blog)

 What really impressed me with this book is the plethora
 of tips that the designers shared on
how they use fabrics from their stash to create a new look.
The information they provide is very useful and it really 
feels like you get to know them a little bit better also.
It's worth buying the book just for that...
but you will love the 15 quilts and projects that are in it also! Wink!

(as an added bonus...
 I am giving you a link to where I found the Flair for Fabric book on sale)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Some R and R: relaxing and reading

Feeling a little cruddy with a cold I caught over the weekend.
I think I will be curling up tonight in front of the fire...

and catching up on some light reading!

These are a few of my new E-books from Martingale Publishers.

I think I will start with this one first by Amy Ellis!
Looks like fun!

All I need now is a cup of hot tea!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid Week Mosaic: Home

Home Sweet Home

In stages...

I love how my home looks after all the holiday festivities are over.

There is a point when it all seems more like clutter than decorations.

Then the house seems to look stark naked!
I am looking forward to the next phase...
Spring will be around the corner and
it's time for a fresh look.

These are sweet photos that are pinned on my Pinterest board from a variety of people
 that you can see here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello Hump Day!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!
Over the weekend I attended a baby shower 
for my stepson's significant other, Cara. 
The baby is due in just 6 weeks!
It was a fun afternoon. 
The decorations were all so adorable.
The theme was woodland animals.
As you can see.

I also finished my second quilt for the year...

it started out like this.
I used my stash only for this quilt.

The pattern is Vintage by A Quilting Life.

I just loved each of these sweet blocks.

Here is the finished quilt!

Another sample quilt I made for Fat Quarter Shop 
is now up on their site and 
available as a kit.
The fabrics were fun and girlie. 
( I am hoping for Cara to have a little girl...
but we won't find out until she... or he arrives).
If it's a boy... well, this would make a good lap quilt for... me!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Putting My Best Foot Forward in the New Year

I saw a wonderful post yesterday about
new year's resolutions... 
the ones people don't make but 
probably should.

here is a list...

Mind Your Manners
Obey Traffic Laws
Let the Sun Shine In
Find Quiet Time
Forgive Someone
Enjoy More Hello's and Less LOL
Get More Sleep
Play Well With Others
Drink More Water

(please visit her site to read a full version of the list)

So, simple enough right?
Take care of yourself... be good to others...

And there is no exercise or diet on the list!

What a wonderful idea!
Just be good and do good.

Of course, all of us bloggers already play well with others!!!

I wish you all good things this year!