Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Current Events

Wow, the week is flying by!
I have managed to work on my Moda Modern Building Blocks.
I made all of the blocks for this month so far... but 
I thought I would make another set of blocks out of Avalon by Fig Tree & Co.
Although I am enjoying the challenge of working with solid fabrics,
I am really enjoying these cute little print blocks!!!

I managed to slip in some summer reading!
Now I am hooked... looking for the next book! 

We had a fire in our town on Monday. The Cal Fire crew did a 
great job of getting it under control. There were over 1,000 firefighters here
from all over the state.
Lots of air support as well.
It was stressful... so many friends and family were evacuated.
It started at one end of our town and ended at the other...
keep in mind that the town is only a couple miles long.
Amazingly only 9 homes were lost. Everyone who had been evacuated 
were able to return home last night.

In other news... are you wondering about the next round of Another Year of Schnibbles???
Well, it's coming up soon!
I will have details for you by the end of the week... so keep an eye out for a post!
This is going to be a fun year!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I'm Working On Wednesday

How did Wednesday come so fast? 
I know I haven't been having that much fun!
Just working... but
over the weekend I was able to work on
my Sail Away quilt.

My boats are starting to take formation~

Add in some waves...

and we have some high seas mist!
I had to lay it all out just to see them all lined up!

The hubs and I had Evie for most 
of the weekend... that makes it  "A" okay not to
get much of any of sewing done. 
Maybe that's why time has still been at warp speed.

What I was super excited to see in my mail yesterday was...

Yippee! I think I was the last one to get my kit in the mail...
or at least it felt like it.  
The envelope was completely open... I think the mailman was deciding if he
wanted it or just wanted to pet my fabric!

I am going to make two at the same time.
I decided (surprise, surprise) that I will be using Fig Tree fabric for 
the second version. I am just not done using the fabric I used in Sail Away!

When Moda came out with Size Matters, Joanna made up
several of the designers' blocks in her fabrics...
This picture is from her blog. 
So I thought I would use the same idea for the Moda Modern BOM!

Looks like fun hu?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Getaway

One of my favorite getaway spots... it's not to far but a
world of difference from the mountains!
The weather was perfect...
That's my idea of perfect anyway...
toes in the sand, salt in the air and just a little bit breezy.
 I even needed to keep a sweatshirt handy!
We joined in on a little family excursion to Pacific Grove/Monterey.
There was two of my sons, my DIL, along with Evie.
We had such a great time... we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...
I posted a few pictures on Instagram.
We had picnics on the beach and even cooked up the fish the boys
brought back from deep sea fishing for dinner one night. Yum!
Before heading home we had a picnic on the beach at Carmel...
that was truly icing on the cake! We saw a Sea Otter, a seal and lots 
of dolphins!

Now it's back to the big girl job...
but I am managing to work on my Sail Away project.

One is definitely cute.

A whole bunch of them are even cuter!

And I think a few of these are even ready for a regatta!

I am making headway on my summer sewing list...
and Sail Away is the perfect summer inspired project!

(if you click on the link for the Monterey Bay Aquarium there
is webcams for different areas... my favorite is the Sea Otters)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Imagine Quilts Book Review.

I haven't done very much quilting this week.
I am sorry to say that there isn't much to show.
I did revive a project I started... Sail Away.
I began building more boats!

(I keep thinking of the Lucky Charms commercial...
I think I will build a boat and Sail Away)

Not a lot of progress yet... but I am ready to go!

 I do have a book review to share today.
The book is by Martingale Publishers.
It's called Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard.
You might know her from the Old Red Barn Co. blog.

You can find a great interview with  Pat Sloan featuring Dana here
and there is another great interview on Stitch This... 
I know you are going to enjoy getting to know Dana. 
Her book is really down to earth easy to follow.
She takes you by the hand and guides you through some of the 
basic techniques... but adds her little twist... and
before you know it, you have a little extra confidence
to try something new... and maybe even create
something "outside the box".
Dana Bolyard
Dana's suggestions:

1. Get inspired by your fabric stash
2. Use common techniques in new ways
3. Look around for inspiration—it’s everywhere!
4. Break the rules and have fun

Here are a few of the quilt projects in her book.

This is a version of her cover quilt in completely different colors!
Isn't it fun?
There is 11 projects in the book... 
this one is my favorite...
This one is first on my list to make for a 
little baby boy that was born yesterday!

I think you will enjoy Imagine Quilts and Dana too!
You can find her book at Martingale or at Amazon.
(photography by Brent Kane)

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Pink Week

 Of course we need a show of PINK quilts for 
our pink week!
Simple and sweet.

Cute... and it looks simple enough... but I know this is 
not an easy block.


Pinwheels and prairie points. I love the combo.

A Tula Pinik pattern. 
Cool and contemporary.
(cool as in awesome)

Adorable. I would make a small one of these Grandma's Flower Garden.

In one word: Nice.





and I love the bubble gum pink here!

Shades of pink and a crow ta'boot!

(these photos were from Pinterest... but include
quilts from Tracey Jay, Sewn With Grace, Lori Holt,
Pam Kitty Morning, Wombat Quilts, and Raspberry Rainbow along with 
a variety of vintage quilts).

Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

And More Pink!

Seriously... why aren't they all pink?


Wow... take me there!

Okay, not only the hose... but look at what is holding up the hose!

Now, that is a sweet pink retro pay phone!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pink Week Continued

I am a big fan of Ball jars... pink ones are even better!

Just too darn cute!

Love this!

Of course some pink Crayolas

Cath pink... and blue too!

I can only imagine what this tastes like!

Have a great weekend!